Thursday, 20 December 2007


So, series 2 is wrapped! I was on set last Friday to watch them shoot the last scene. Everyone; all the crew, the writers, the producers, those faceless BASTARDS at e4 (Joke!) are really pleased with and proud of what we've all accomplished this year. Though it's a few month's before we're truly finished editing, dubbing and grading, the hard graft is done for most (though not for our most excellent and diligent editors, dubbers, and graders) and the general consensus is that series 2 of Skins is harder, faster, stronger and fuck it, better than series 1. I hope that's not too much of an insult to all the work that everyone put in on series 1! (which is something we're all proud of too).

Before I forget, there's a new Skins website up now. It's quite funky. The Skins writers have contributed blogs and video diary's, which are all good fun, and are full of fun stuff.

Last couple of days, I've been shooting one of our online webisodes. Chris Clough, our producer, thought it would be fun to let some members of the team direct. I've done one, the 1st Assistant Director Adam Locke has done one (possibly the only person to really know what he was doing), the very able Mr Ben Schiffer has done two (he gets to do two because he's sleeping with the King of Telly), Ms Josie Long did one and Mr Nicholas Hoult (Yes! Him off the telly!) did one.

Now, I can't speak for the others, but I was fucking petrified when I did mine. It turned out well, but my dream of being the next Paul Thomas Anderson is further away than I thought, methinks. Mine will be shown before episode 6, Ben's excellent Christmas episode will be on the net on Christmas Day (same time as the Queen's speech).

Now, I'm not going to give too much away here, but series 3 is already being thought up. I'm going to piss off publicity by talking about this, but a couple of weeks ago, me and the writing team went off to a hotel near Newmarket to cook up ideas. Here's a photo of us there:

From left to right; that's me standing up, Lucy Kirkwood, Ben Schiffer, Daniel Kaluuya and Toby Welch (he came along to take notes).

As I say, I'm not giving anything away but we're very excited.

Oh, sorry about the commentaries - I couldn't get the technology sorted out in time and now the flatmate with the gear has moved out. Sorry. I'll try and get them done soon.

Keep the comments coming, and have a good Xmas.