Friday, 28 September 2007


Hope you're enjoying the Skins DVD that came out this week. Skinsonline mentioned that the music is different to that of the televised version, and speculated that it is due to rights. This is correct. Unfortunately, there was simply no way that we could afford to use the music we used on TV on the DVD, and so this was the only way that the show could be released. Sorry about that. Though I think that the music we had specially commissioned for the DVD is pretty good.

From the forums I can tell that people are also a bit disappointed that there are no commentaries on the discs. I'm going to solve that by recording some myself and posting them here in the coming weeks. If they prove popular, I'll try and get one done for every episode, and I'll do my best to involve all the writers/directors/actors and the what not.

The commentary for ep one should be here at the beginning of next week.


Sunday, 23 September 2007


Been having a read of some of the Skins fansites - really interesting.

A poster on one forum doubted my understanding of the term 'petit mort'. Laughed? I nearly had an orgasm. A small one.

Just to set the records straight, 'cos there seems to be a lot of speculation on the forums, there are auditions going on around the country all the time, but none of these are for the parts that we've allocated for the Skins community. I've said it once, I'll say it again, you'll know when its time to get your chance to audition. I'll announce it here, it'll be on the e4 website and myspace.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

...just one more thing

Very sorry I forgot to update you on the auditions. Are far as I know they haven't happened yet and wont be happening for at least a few weeks - it turns out that they're not for the parts I thought previously.

But trust me on this - when they arrive, you'll know. I'll post here as soon as I know (promise) and it'll be widely advertised on the websites. So stay cool guys - you're not gonna miss your chance to shine.

Info as I get it (let me do some poking tomorrow. I'll send an email to the producer.).



Sorry for the gap in updating - I've been working blah blah. But now I'm done! I've only gone and finished my script, haven't I? I'm not going to go on again about how hard it was (really hard) because I'm sick of hearing me say that. But it was fun and interesting and creative, and if your work is any of those things, I think you're really lucky - I know I am.

Two readthroughs last week - one where we all had a big talk about the scripts and one, more official one. Good fun - although I find hearing my lines read out again and again somewhat excruciating - when you've been working on them for so long it's both agonizing and wonderful hearing them - almost a petit mort - satisfying and terrifying. Will people like them? Will they go down well?

I think it all went well, though I spent all last week tweaking and honing. They started shooting on Monday, and I'm watching rushes (early clips) as I type. It looks like my director, Harry Enfield (for it is he) is going to do a great job - even though this is his first work as a director of a drama show - he really understands my material and is injecting real dynamism and action into what I agree is a difficult script for anyone to direct.

Anyway, enough self indulgence. Here's some secrets:

I'm going to give away who the first episode focuses on. You knew anyway, didn't you? It's Maxxie, of course? Why else would Bill Bailey be playing his Dad unless it was. There are some other juicy guest stars turning up in one besides the man Bailey, though. You'll have to wait and see.

The second episode is about someone we've never seen before.

There will be more episodes next year than last year, more online content, more games, more prizes.

Episode 3 of the new series is AMAZING. I can't wait for you to see it.

The Skins cast WILL be going on another trip this time. Will it top Russia? I hope so.

Riddle fans: The guest star in my episode is the son of a doctor.

Someone who made an appearance in Unseen Skins last year will be in the show proper next year. Will it be Cathy Barry, porn fans? Wait and see.

The Skins compilation album is out soon (or now). It includes some of the best tracks from the show, plus EXCLUSIVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE LINER NOTES FROM ME. That's right. Better than that though is an extended theme tune mix by my house mate Fat Segal.

Keep commenting guys. You give me strength.