Thursday, 3 January 2008


There's going to be a new Skins site launching in about a month - it's an independent thing, separate to the e4 one. Lots of exciting stuff. The commentaries are going to be among the first things posted on that, so there you go.



Media's angel said...

I think Skins is great even if you do make Tony look like a real Fuck (exuse my language!) Altogether, I can't wait to see the next season!! I'll have to be patient a bit longer because I watch it in France. Keep it up guys!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, u could put a new character, from brazil lol. If you need some ideas, let me know!

melody said...

''Lots of exciting stuff''

Pffft. Heard that one before.
So much for the 'auditions' then, eh??

What a disgrace.
Fair enough if the 'powers that be' decided against it, but was it really necessary to perpetuate the lie for this long?

Seriously ?

Screw 'skins'
I, and many others will not be tuning in from here on in.

As you were..

Hollie said...

hey the new site is great, although a members' forum would be a fantastic asset to it
hopefully it does what it says on the tin and really does give members a chance to shine with their creativity
cheers x

P-man said...

so whens dis new site gonna b launched?

and dis site seems 2 b goin quiet, lets get some ideas flowin!!