Sunday, 22 June 2008

Series 3

Hello all. Sorry it has been so long since I last updated, I've been alternately busy and lazy and that's why. As I type, filming on Skins will begin in about four hours (although they did shoot a scene last week for some reason). Last week was spent in Bristol fine tuning my script for series 3, episode 2 following the readthrough. The readthrough was thought by some of those attending to have been one of the best anyone has ever seen, and while I'm not sure of that, there were certainly plenty of laughs. I couldn't be more pleased with the actor I have got for my episode, for a character I originated. He's nothing like I imagined he would be; he's much, much better.

My script is something I'm dead chuffed with - I think it's the best out of the three I've written. The script I wrote last year (Tony) I was very happy with, but it was quite strange and difficult. This one is much more fun, much more energetic, much more classic Skins. I've got a great guest actor in it too, though I can't say who it is yet, nor can I think of a good clue that wouldn't give him away. Er. He played a beloved character in a sitcom a few years ago. That'll do till I think of something better.

The other scripts are in good shape too - we've got some really good young writers working with us this year. Returning is Daniel Kaluuya, writing ep 3, Ben Schiffer, writing ep 5 and ep 10, Lucy Kirkwood, writing 7, I think. New people are Georgia Lester and Athia Sen Gupta, both only 19 (!) writing 4 and 6 respectively. The great Robin Ince is doing one, and fresh from Shameless, is the lovely Malcolm who completes the writing team along with me Daddy, B Elsley. Josie Long is still helping out, and also the terribly nice and terribly funny Isy Suttie, last seen playing Dobby on Peep Show, is along for the ride.

I got to meet some cool people at the Skins party in London, which was great fun. I can't remember their names, but the very nice dudes who run Skinsnation and Skinsis interviewed me whilst I was pretty drunk. I'm eager to see what I said - and if I gave anything away that I shouldn't!

I finally got to meet most, but not all, of the new cast, who are all really nice people, in keeping with Skins hiring policy of only lovelies being allowed. A couple of them had exams so couldn't be there, but I'm sure I'll get to meet them soon.

I'm having a break now. I'll still attend the writers meetings, but my big job for this year is over. I'll try and update the blog a bit more than I have done recently. I'm about to start work writing for a show at the beeb, then after that another thing with Company that is very exciting - more later.

Oh, and I'll be on the skinslife website this week taking questions. If you've got anything to ask me, head over to and post away.

MGS4 rules.


If you see me at Glastonbury, say hello.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Jamie,

Yeah we had some fun at the London party. Hopefully we'll finally get the interviews up soon.

I remember you talked for ages about one particular topic (about you personally) which resulted in the suggestion you get an iPhone or brag a bit that you write Skins :P

In any case it was a pleasure talking to you and I'll let you know when we get the interviews up - I'll poke you on Facebook or something. Lol that sounds so funny. Anyway..



Johnny K said...

Yes MGS4 does rock my socks off as well.. Immensely actually.

Cant wait for the new series.



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