Sunday, 31 August 2008


Hiya! Quick update to let you know what's going on. Skins is on holiday at the moment, and we're just about to start filming series 3 part 2.

My episode, ep 2, was the first to be filmed, and so is the first to be edited. I'm hopefully going to see it today, looking forward to seeing what they've done with it.

We've got some great guest stars all the way through the first half of series 3, plus some familiar faces. Ep 5 in particular has a couple of great actors and personalities in it, and I look forward to seeing what they can do. Scott Mills was great, apparently!

I'm not too tuned into Skins at the moment, because I've been working on this BBC3 show, Phoo Action. Some of you might have seen the pilot broadcast earlier this year - it's been picked up and they're making a series of it, which I'm very happy to be involved in. I'm writing episode 4. It's the first non-Skins script I've ever written, and it's absolutely insane! I get to write complicated fight scenes, mad as trousers dream sequences and come up with loopy as fuck monsters. All in all, good fun. A challenge, though. If I want to write on other shows, I have to prove that I can do so, and this is my chance. Wish me luck!

The other thing that's going on is that me and Bryan are developing another show, this time for a younger audience. He announced it at a festival the other day (Alex at Skinsnation, diligent, meek Alex, picked it up like the hawk he is). I'm following Bryan's lead and not saying anything till it's set in stone and we know we're going to make it, but I will say this; I am very, very excited. If I get my way, it'll be something really different, that all ages can enjoy.

ANOTHER thing that's going on is that I'm involved with a film. I don't know how much I can say, but it's an adaptation of a story by Mancunian sci-fi writer, a massive hero of mine, and the director is brilliant, responsible in some manner for some of the best documentaries of the past few years.

Other than that, make sure those of you in London go and see Lucy Kirkwood's new play, Hedda, at the Gate. Looks really good to me - Lucy is possibly one of the most talented young writers in the country, and anything she does is worth seeing (including ep 9 of series 3 of Skins).

Stay cool, dudes.



Low Carbon Kid said...

Jamie... the SF news is good - tv and film - and I heard you on that R4 Grange Hill RIP prog saying SF teen tv should be the next big thing.

I am writer of multiple award-winning teen novel/comic series Hybrids... scriptwriter too... gagging to sell the film/tv rights and get it adapted... Check out If you have any leads I'd be so happy I'll take you out mackerel fishing in my kayak in mid Wales... Seriously. Many thanks.


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Kevz said...


In the first series, episode 5 there is a song (when sid & michelle
are dancing) which is not the same between the dvd and tv version.

It's not tricky & the gravediggaz - Hell around the corner (as in the
E4 tracklist)

You'll be very kind to answer (or just help us to find someone who
could), because we are many fans to wander and we feel that nobody