Friday, 1 June 2007


Hi! I'm the co-creator of Skins and one of the writers, Jamie. I've started this blog to record the process of the writing and production of series 2. Hopefully, in the future, this page will feature contributions from many different members of the Skins team, from cast to crew, from writers to directors. But for now, it's just little old me, slogging away in North London at my script.

To bring you up to date, the Skins team is currently slogging away at getting series 2 of Skins written and produced. We start filming in a couple of weeks, and we have a lovely new director, hailing from the world of documentaries, named Aisha (I hope I've spelled that right). She is lovely, very talented, and we look forward to seeing her work on episodes one and two.

Writers this year include Jack Thorne, who is writing episodes 2 and 10, and the man responsible for the excellent Chris and Effy episodes last series. Ben Schiffer, who co-wrote the hilarious episode 6 last year with Simon Amstell is also writing for us. Bryan Elsley, the executive producer, will be writing three (I think) episodes this year, including the first one. The brilliant Sally Tatchell writing episode 4. And me, writing episode 6.

It's too soon to officially announce, but we've got some great (very) young talent, and hopefully some familiar faces writing episodes this year!

We've had some great new additions to our famous writers group; backing up the old hats of Daniel, Peter and Athia are new faces Lucy, Max, Georgia and Daisy. Plus the comedian and all round bag of lovely Josie Long, plus the fantastic and very talented Robin Ince.

The writing team took a trip down to Bristol a few weeks ago to see some of the cast and discuss the show with them - it was great to see them all, April, Mike, Larissa, Hannah. All in good form, all totally lovely, and all eager to get started on the next series, busting with ideas, too!

There is all sorts going on round the office at the moment. I can't give too much away, but we are currently working with some very exciting people to produce the opening scene of episode 1. It'll all start with a bang, I promise you!

We are also in the middle of auditions for a new character, which is very exciting, and have seen some of the hottest young talents in the country for it. The public auditions for you out there are in the works, and will be coming soon...!

So stay tuned for more news, and check this page for regular updates from the world of Skins!


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Jade said...

Oooh public auditions. Just what I've been waiting for. =]!

This is a really good idea, I'll be keeping my eye on this blog!