Wednesday, 27 June 2007


So. We've started filming Series 2! Peeking through a doorway the other day I got my first glimpse at the rushes for day one. Looking good!

Last Thursday was the read through of episodes 1 and 2. It went really well, and what was really nice was seeing all the cast and crew back together in one room. Also exciting was the appearance of some new faces...I can't say too much, but if you look closely at the picture (try and look past Bailey's gurning mug) you might just spot the previously unseen protagonist of ep 2. Shh. Keep it quiet.

We've got a new production base, which is situated in a huge warehouse in Fishponds. A change this year (and sorry if I'm spoiling the magic, I'll try not to do that too much) is our use of sets for interior locations, hence the size of our base. I'll try and get pictures for you soon.

It was our weekly writers meeting today, which is always fun, bashing ideas around, arguing about swear words, drinking massive amounts of diet coke and a lot, and I mean a lot of laughing. Partly this is down to the presence of our two comedians in residence, Robin Ince and Josie Long. Here is a picture of them:
(also pictured on the left is Matt Simpson, aka Fat Segal, who among his other rich achievements composed the Skins theme tune). Robin and Josie are both favorite comedians of mine, who I feel really lucky to work with. I'm passionate about comedy (since you ask; Big Train, Bill Hicks, Chris Morris, Peter Cook) but sometimes I feel that stand up comedy in particular gets a bit stuck in a groove with constant discussion about sex and drugs (I'm looking at you, Brand). Not so with Robin and Josie's acts; go to a show by them and you'll see references to philosophy, Richard Dawkins, gluten free biscuits and arable farming. So it's great to have them writing for us, cos they bring a great sense of humor and originality to our writers group and the show in general. I urge you to go and see both of them whenever you can. Both gig a lot so it's not hard to see them live. Robin will be supporting Ricky Gervais in his upcoming London gigs.

Got to get back to Final Draft now but I'll update again later in the week. I might try and do an interview with someone for you.



Ben said...

What is 'Final Draft'? It sounds cool... Am LOVING your blog. I wish I could go to a writers meeting, they sound hella cool.

Hayley said...
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Dr. Awesome said...

Isn't that April Pearson (Michelle) behind the grinning fool? It's fairly safe to say she's not a new character. By any stretch of the imagination.