Friday, 28 September 2007


Hope you're enjoying the Skins DVD that came out this week. Skinsonline mentioned that the music is different to that of the televised version, and speculated that it is due to rights. This is correct. Unfortunately, there was simply no way that we could afford to use the music we used on TV on the DVD, and so this was the only way that the show could be released. Sorry about that. Though I think that the music we had specially commissioned for the DVD is pretty good.

From the forums I can tell that people are also a bit disappointed that there are no commentaries on the discs. I'm going to solve that by recording some myself and posting them here in the coming weeks. If they prove popular, I'll try and get one done for every episode, and I'll do my best to involve all the writers/directors/actors and the what not.

The commentary for ep one should be here at the beginning of next week.



dopplegl said...

Out of curiosity, is there any word on when Skins may be airing in the US or when the DVDs will see a US release?

Ollie said...

Ooh, I was disappointed about there being no commentaries/featurettes but I'm sure this'll be awesome, especially if you can involve the cast.. but whatever, they're only extras.. anything is great.
Loving your work, Ollie x

kis said...

That would awesome and I think even better to get commentary directly from you guys. Thanks for even taking the time to do them.


Benclayton123 said...

Can any one help me?

I am trying to find out the name of the band and song name off the last scene of the last episode of skins series two.

my e-mail is

i would really appreciate your help. thanks.

Kevz said...


In the first series, episode 5 there is a song (when sid & michelle
are dancing) which is not the same between the dvd and TV version.

It's not tricky & the gravediggaz - Hell around the corner (as in the
U.K tracklist)

You'll be very kind to answer (or just help us to find someone who
could), because we are many fans to wander and we feel that nobody



Anonymous said...

I actually like some of the new music from the DVD version. What is frustrating is that there is no listing for any of the updated songs. I REALLY want the replacement for Funkytown from Cassie's exam in Series 2 Ep 9. Why would you guys go through the time, trouble and expense of replacing this music and then not make it available for sale or even identifying it for people to research and locate when possible? That is really frustrating.

The Life of Nick Strite said...

Hello, could you tell me the name of the song and artist in the sketch episode that replaces the aqualung song? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks much

Jacek Picu said...

Is there exist a list or a music guide of this DVD version?

best regards from PL

cguaman1 said...

I wanted to know if anyone has been able to get updates on the new music for season 2 episode 6? (When Tony is in the pool)

edj95 said...

Is the music on iTunes the same as the T.V. show or is it the D.V.D music?