Sunday, 23 September 2007


Been having a read of some of the Skins fansites - really interesting.

A poster on one forum doubted my understanding of the term 'petit mort'. Laughed? I nearly had an orgasm. A small one.

Just to set the records straight, 'cos there seems to be a lot of speculation on the forums, there are auditions going on around the country all the time, but none of these are for the parts that we've allocated for the Skins community. I've said it once, I'll say it again, you'll know when its time to get your chance to audition. I'll announce it here, it'll be on the e4 website and myspace.


David said...

Hey Jamie, how was the writing team on Skins assembled? Obviously there are the famous people on the team, but I'm always reading that Skins has lots of young writers of about 20, so how did they get the job? Is there any way of applying for it/sending CV's to someone etc? Any information would be brilliant:


Dr. Awesome said...

Speaking of the writing team, I have been watching the first series over again on C4 recently. Jamie, my friend, please tell me you were not responsible for that STUPID song at the very end.
So much for the Fourth Wall.


Hi jamie me and my friend have heard that an audition for skins tommorow (saturday 13th october) is taking place could you please send me some information via an email asap we are really interested and do alot of acting anyway many thanks charlotte serpis (

robthebandit said...

I watced the last series of skins and realy loved it. Is their any chance of auditions anytime soon?
or are you already filming?
please write back asap